QR Code Scanner Tips & Tricks

Every Yum & Yummer how-to video is conveniently located on this site, so you can quickly and easily watch all of them without having to scan the QR code on the book’s pages. However, it’s seriously cool to watch the videos on your smartphone after downloading a free QR scanner app!

Here are a few tips and tricks I use to get the best scanning results:

#1 Scan in good light

Your smarphone’s camera might have trouble scanning the QR code in dim lighting. Turn on some lights or open window shades. Don’t block the light with your body. Dark shadows on the QR code could cause scanning issues.

#2 Keep it steady

Scanning the QR code after your 8th cup of coffee is probably a bad idea. Your camera needs to focus, so if you’re shaky, you’ll probably get shaky results! Lay the book on a flat, solid surface (a counter or a table, rather than your lap) so you’ll have more success. You can also try resting your elbows on the table to steady your phone.

#3 Distance matters

The ideal scanning distance for the QR codes in Yum & Yummer is 5 inches. If you’re holding your phone a foot away from the page or you’re way too close, your camera won’t likely focus or scan the code properly.

#4 Clean the lens

Smartphone camera lenses get filthy when they’re thrown around in purses, jammed in pockets, licked by your dog or smudged with dirty fingers. This might seem obvious, but giving the lens a quick wipe with a soft cloth will better your chances of accurate scanning.

#5 Get connected

QR codes link to online content, so a strong internet connection is, um, kinda important!

#6 Accept that some apps totally suck

Some of the free apps are great and some can be glitchy. I have an iPhone and I use QR scanner by Shopsavvy. My Android friends tell me Barcode Scanner by ZXing Team works well. If you don’t like the app you’ve downloaded, just delete it and choose another one. It took me a few tries to find the one I liked best.